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We are excited to tell you about the list of services that we offer Churches, ministers and individuals. We have made these easy, so you can !

Online TV

You can have a dedicated Online or Cable TV for your ministry which which can be accessible for those using Cables. This makes your ministerial activities and messages go far and wide.

Android Development

Do you want to take your business to the App world and reach thousand of Mobile users?We are here to help you achieve this.

Video Productions

Videos are essentials in this age and time, this one tool can help your ministry a great deal if properly used. We make commercials, intros and documentaries for Churches and ministries.

Web Development

Does your ministry have an online presence or is your not functional? we can help with these, our web design team have been trained to make the kind of site that fits into your ministry budgets and needs.

Social Media Solutions

In the 21st Century, many Churches and ministers are not harnessing the power of the social media, we will help you to properly use these tools for ministerial and Church growth.

Support and Maintenance

We offer quality support and services for our clients and those are willing to peruse our services. We dont just leave you to battle with the techy stuff, we are always available to help out, our customer service is topnotch as well.

Enterprise Solutions

Here are our list of enterprise solutions you might want to take advantage of for your Church, Ministry and Organisation.

Online Radio Setup

One of the tools we have setup to help Churches and Ministers maximize their online reach is our online radio services. You can now have and run a 24 hours Online Radio station where your audience and listen to and tune in anytime, any day.

Digital Paintings

We makes digital painting for varieties of purpose, this can be used for birthdays, gifting, presentations or at an award ceremony. Check our our services pages for samples of this.

eCommerce Systems

We incorporate and setup of an eCommerce site and system, for your Church or product. This can be used to seller items like books, messages and collections.

Commercials and Jingles

Make your programme visually appealing through videos ads and Jingles, we have made captivating Jingles for many organisation, and will be willing to make yours too.

Media & Entertainment

Thinking of a coverage for your event or would you like PA system set up for your programme? We have got this covered.

LIVE Stream Services

Do you want your programme to be LIVE streamed to the world, we can make this happen, so that while your programme is running it can viewed by people all over the world!

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Our Clients

John Sterling

“It is amazing how powerful and easy-to-use are WordPress themes. And some of them are actually fantastic. Stop wasting your money on hiring someone else, invest in your business wisely!”

John Sterling / Company1 Ltd. / Chicago

Alex White

“Never thought it could be such an easy and fast thing to set up a site for my business. I am amazed how modern technologies have made our life so much simpler. I am loving them!”

Alex White / Company2 Ltd. / Chicago

Kate Brown

“Modern looking website not only makes our brand look professional, it also actually works for us, bringing new clients and partners. And we can manage the website entirely by ourselves thanks to powerful and easy to use tools. That has made our business so much easier and more effective!”

Kate Brown / Company3 Ltd. / Chicago

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