How To Submit Your Online Radio To Radio Garden

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Now you have launched your Online Radio and the question that comes to mind is “how to I get people to listen to my Radio?” That’s a serious question that gives lot of Online Radio owner real headache, but today, we shall hand to you the solution to this

There are lot of Radio directly online that can give your Online Radio more publicity and reach, Radio Garden is one of such. In this article, we shall be looking at how you can take advantage of the Radio Garden directory to get your Online Radio discovered and engaged.

Abit About Radio Garden

Radio Garden is amazing platform that you can see the globe and listen radio online. More than 10 million monthly users navigate radio stations across the world using Radio Garden interactive map. Radio Garden is a free radio aggregator service, allows listeners to explore processes of broadcasting and hearing identities across the entire globe.

Radio Garden also allows users to share radio station links with friends.Using GPS, the service matches a user’s laptop or mobile location with nearby radio stations.

More than 10 million monthly users navigate radio stations across the world using Radio Garden interactive map. Using GPS, the service matches a user’s laptop or mobile location with nearby radio stations. Radio Garden also allows users to share radio station links with friends.

How To Add Your Radio

So how to add your radio station to the Radio Garden globe? Simply, submit your radio station to Radio Garden by filling in this station submission form. Stations are usually added within 1-2 weeks. Once added, you will receive a direct link to it on the Radio Garden website.

Radio Garden Requirements

  • The Online Radio Website must be Online 24/7
  • The Stream must be accessible from the website, to verify ownership
  • The website may not merely be an account page on another radio stream provider (e.g. TuneIn) or broadcasting service (e.g. ShoutCast)
  • The Website must fully functional and provide basic information about the station (half filled site-builder templates will no be admitted)
  • The stream must be accessible from everywhere in the world, 24/7.
  • Links to station website listening pages will be ignored.
  • M3U8 streams aren’t supported, RTSP streams or Shoutcast streams running on versions 2.4 or below.
  • ‘Radionomy’ streams can not be admitted since it can’t be ensured they are accessible from around the world.
  • ‘Securenet Systems’ streams can not be admitted since they block Radio Garden.

Now, that you know how to add your Online Radio to Radio Garden, try it out and then let us know about your experience.



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