Effective Ways To Promote Your Online Radio

how to promote your online radio

Now that you have your Online Radio up and running, one of the questions that might come to mind and the one that most Online Radio owners ask is: How do I promote my Online Radio? This is an important and reasonable question, since if no one knows about your Online Radio, then it is […]

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How To Submit Your Online Radio To Radio Garden

radio garden

Now you have launched your Online Radio and the question that comes to mind is “how to I get people to listen to my Radio?” That’s a serious question that gives lot of Online Radio owner real headache, but today, we shall hand to you the solution to this There are lot of Radio directly online that can give […]

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Benefits of Having and Running an Online Radio

benefit on running online radio

Online Radio is becoming very popular by the day, more people are now listening to Internet Radio more than ever, as compared to listening to the traditional terrestrial Radio as we know it. This is truly a game changer. If you have not read our article on how to start an Online Radio, particularly, how […]

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How to Record Into A Laptop With One Audio Port


Does your Laptop has just one port and wish to record with it? Many people are stuck with Laptops with just one audio port and they cant seems to record with it, this has caused many to loose hope in ever using their computer system for webinars, fb live and other form of recording. In […]

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How To Create eBook Cover In 5 Minutes

how to design ebook cover

You have seen alot of ebook cover designs out there and you wonder how this are made? Are you looking out to creating a product and needed an image representation for it, or an author who want to create an version of your book cover to sell online or market the book online? In this […]

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4 Reasons to Use Facebook Live for Your Church Growth

FB live for Church growth

If you are not living under the rock, by now you must have heard of Facebook Live, a video streaming service owned by Facebook for social interaction and broadcasting, guess what? the service is FREE. If you have been considering Church growth strategies for a while, social media is one of the key tools you […]

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How To Start An Online Radio Station In Nigeria

how to start an online radio in nigeria

You would be surprised at how easy it is to create your own station with internet radio hosting provider i-Church Resources- The complete and easy to use platform lets you setup and manage your shows online. HOW INTERNET RADIO HOSTING WORKS Getting to know the basic of how online radio hosing works can help you […]

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